Thursday, November 28, 2013

Friday Favorites

I'm off to Amsterdam today (a little early because of the time difference) with my brother and couldn't be more excited. This trip has been amazing and I can't wait to show you pictures! 

Here are some of my favorites from this week...

Neutrals + Jeans + Sparkle


I like the sparkly clutch with this outfit. It gives a little something extra to the cream color shirt and shoes. 

Booties with peekaboo floral socks #denimmadewell


I would be happy to have these with me while in Amsterdam! The extra warmth would be nice with my booties. I don't think my pink fuzzy socks are going to look as cute as these though...

Take a peek inside — it's Christmastime.


It's after Thanksgiving so I can officially start thinking about Christmas! I am so excited to put up Christmas decorations. I'm sorry in advance for having Christmas all over my blog for the next few weeks!

The only LA guide to shopping you need!


I've always liked gold stack rings, but this is a different look. I like the fact that these rings are stuck together - and I like the double linked effect. 

Gold and mirror side table.


I would love this table in my bedroom or as a bar in the dining room. I love the gold edges and the mirrored plates. If I didn't have an already full Christmas list - this would be on it!

Happy December 1st! 


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