Monday, November 4, 2013

Currently Craving

Currently Craving

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I have this dresser from IKEA and I absolutely love it. It's a bit on the massive side, but that makes it perfect for decorating! I'm still trying to figure out my decorating style, but until then I love mixing colors on a white background. This dresser is perfect for doing just that. I started off decorating my dresser with a mirror. I think every girl needs a mirror on their dresser to put the finishing touches on their outfits. I love this mirror with the geometric shape cut it's in gold...I'm sold. 

When I've found the perfect mirror I move on to choosing a lamp. This can be really difficult, but remember you can always change the shade. Choose a lamp based on the base, and then go to Home Goods and find yourself a lamp shade in the color you want. It's much easier that way. I love the blue see through color of this lamp. I love bubble lamps in general, but the blue color really stands out to me. It reminds me of sea glass in a way. The blue also give a pop of color to my all white dresser. 

Next, I find something to display my perfumes. I like to have my perfume and jewelry displayed on my dresser because I put those on last (also why I need my mirror on my dresser). I love putting my perfumes on mirrored trays and this one is perfect. I really like the detailing on the edge. I arrange my perfumes depending on how big/small the tray is. The one I have on my dresser now is slightly smaller so I have three perfumes and a tiny perfume bottle from my great-great grandmother. I choose perfumes that tend to go well together in size, color, and shape. They aren't necessarily ones I wear all the time, but they go well together. Plus, let's face it, I really only wear Daisy by Marc Jacobs anyway!

After I've finished decorating the bigger items I try to fill up some space on the dresser. As I've said before, this dresser is quite larger so I need more than just a mirror, lamp, and tray. I love adding candlesticks with white candles. I have the mirrored candlesticks from IKEA, but these from H&M work too. I also add a glass vase with some pink peonies to my dresser for the finishing touch. 

I'll add some pictures of my dresser so you can see what I did with mine at home :)

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