Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Favorites

Today's the day!! This afternoon I am off to Rome, Germany, and Amsterdam. I haven't really gotten too excited until just now and I literally cannot wait. I'm so excited to eat delicious food, see amazing architecture, and, oh yeah, see my brother! I'll be sure to post about my trip when I return :)

For now, here are my Friday favs this week...



I love the polka dots at the neck of this dress. It's a perfect dress for the holidays. It's fancy, and form fitting, but it's appropriate for all occasions. I also love how the polka dots are only at the neck. Polka dots are great, but on a fancier dress I only like a few of this is perfect!

Blanket basket


In the winter I always find myself trying to be a cozy as possible. I would love to have a basket full of comfy blankets right by my couch. 

iphone charger


How cute is this bow iphone charger from Anthropologie? It's a backup charger so you can plug it in whenever your phone is running low and voila! You have a charging phone. This would be a perfect gift...or gift for yourself! 

New Years nails


I'm normally not a huge fan of french manicures. I prefer solid colors over a french, but I'm loving the sparkly gold french on this manicure. It's perfect for the holidays - Thanksgiving or Christmas! 

White lights


I know Thanksgiving is just around the in next week...but since I am going to be in Europe for Thanksgiving, I'm using it as an excuse to start thinking about Christmas early. And let's just say I am so excited! I love everything about Christmas...being with family, Christmas lights, Christmas cookies, giving presents - basically everything about it. I cannot wait to come home December 1st and be in the "full on" Christmas spirit. 

Feel free to follow me on instagram while I'm in Europe - @kmax123. I'm going to try to post to the blog as much as I can while in Europe (depending on internet connection), but until then....

Roma here I come!!


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