Monday, September 30, 2013

Currently Craving

My best friend and I, who is also named Katie (yes, we know), just moved into an awesome apartment outside of Washington, DC. We love our new place, but it was difficult to decide what kind of feel we wanted our new home to have. Did we want lots of color? Lots of bright white? Or just an in between? Believe me - it's a lot harder than you think!

We've put a lot of it together so far, but it is only just the beginning. We're more of the "put it together as we find the pieces" kind of people.

I love getting inspiration from Pinterest and fellow bloggers. Here's what I'm currently craving!

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I'm currently craving a mix of both modern and vintage. Lots of white with gold detailing and some pops of color.  Just wishing my apartment/room looked like this! For now, I'll have to settle with dreaming...



This is my first post for The Lime Tree! After being an avid follower of blogs and pinterest for years I decided to finally start a blog of my own. 

This is a personal blog of style, beauty, entertainment, and maybe even some attempts to actually cook for myself....for once. 

I am a twenty-something who loves limes, fashion, food, and life! I'm excited for this journey to start - and I hope you are too! 

- Katie