Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Colder Weather

Yesterday I posted an inspiration board and said I would hunt for some similar styles...with lower prices. Today I'm back and I've found some pieces that I think fit the bill! I'm also going to try to recreate this look this weekend so you can see how it turns out in real life :)                                                                                  Enjoy!


Jeans: These jeans are from J. Crew. They are a little on the expensive side, but I think it's so important to invest in a pair of jeans you love. I have a pair from J. Crew that I throw on ALL the time - they are comfortable and look good. Jeans are supposed to make you feel good when you put them try to find a pair that does! These are $125, but there is a 25% off promo code at J. Crew if you spend $150 :)


Booties: These are my all time FAVORITE boots. I have them in black and brown - and I'm going this weekend to get them in burgundy. They seriously are the most comfortable boot (with a heel) I've ever worn. I'm a teacher so whenever I can stand in a boot with a heel all day I know they are good shoes. These boots are $99 and run a bit small, so get a size up. 


Shirt: This sweater is from Nordstrom and only $34...what a steal! It's textured which gives it a different look than just a plain sweater. I've also found some really great stuff at Marshalls and TJMaxx by Cynthia Rowley. Every time I go into either of those stores I end up leaving with something from her collection. She hits it out of the park with her everyday shirts and sweaters. I suggest splurging at Marshalls for some Cynthia Rowley (and most shirts run about $ cannot beat it!)

Essie nail polish

I love this burgundy Essie color. It's called "Poor Little Rich Girl". I posted about this color in my post here about fall nail polish colors. I love the deep red color and how it fits in so perfectly with this colder weather!

I originally posted a black wide brimmed fedora, but let's face it. This burgundy one from Forever 21 is way better. Can you tell I am slightly obsessed with this color for fall? This hat is $16 from Forever and a no brainer for me! I never like to buy expensive hats because they are constantly changing with the trends. 

NARS Satin Lip Pencil

As I said before, I don't know what I would do without this little pencil here. They are my favorite lipsticks and they are ridiculously easy to use. I prefer the matte ones to the glossy - the glossy can sometimes run - but the matte pencils are AMAZING! I have four of them and switch it up all the time. This color is a favorite for fall. It's a blend of plum and red. These run about $26 at Sephora. Go check them out and try some on :)

What are you loving during this fall weather? 
Keep warm :)


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