Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I'm especially excited for this weekend because my birthday is next Tuesday. I'm happy to be celebrating with family and friends this weekend. My parents are coming down on Saturday to take me out to my favorite brunch place and I'll probably have a little get together with friends Saturday night. I'm just happy to hang with all of my favorite people :) 

Some of my favorites from this week....

I have no idea what I'm going to wear for my birthday get-together this weekend. I like this sweater and sparkly skirt combo though. You always need something sparkly to wear on your birthday, right? Plus, it's Christmas time! 

sequin skirt

I like this knitted beanie with plaid shirt. I think the combination screams "cozy". I'm ready for some colder weather snuggled up to a fireplace with hot chocolate in hand. It's 60 (yesterday it was 70!!) degrees here in DC today - crazy for December! 

Tuesday Ten: November Style Ideas

I love this picture. It captures all of my favorite things about Christmas - Christmas trees and Christmas lights :) Makes me happy! 

merry + happy

My silver heels are a go-to during  the holiday season. They add a little something extra to any outfit I wear. Mine have become so scuffed up over the years that it's probably time for a new pair. I love the pointed look of this heel. Perfect for the holidays! 

pointed silver

This was one of my favorite pictures I took while in Amsterdam. My brother and I happened to stumble upon this bridge (we were quite good at that this trip) and I feel in love. I love the quaint row boat off to the left and the church steeple in the background. Amsterdam sure was a pretty place. 

Happy Friday! 


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